Video – Hudson Valley Comicon 2019: Fellowship in Fandom. A Mini-Documentary

Hudson Valley Comicon: Fellowship in Fandom. The voices of attendees, vendors and cosplayers.

Special thanks to: Micheal Felleman, Amanda Fuller, Nicole Graf, #apocalipscast, #SapphireNovaCosplay, Sapphire Nova, #Superherosunlimited, Kyleigh Rothmond, Thomm Queue, Terrorlynncrafts, Brandon Deichler, #PosableProductions, Dylan Pisani, Floyd T. Holt, Senator Sue Serino, Golden Crandell, Millie Tsukroff, #hudsonvalleyghostbusters, Chris Ham, #DutchessCommunityCollege, Michelle Diano, Holly Mccabe, Ken Pond