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MediaGateXYZ teams up with The Blackest Eyes makeup guru Laura Cina for some punchy photo-making.

Watch the Video Below:

“The Blackest Eyes” is a makeup and stylist service founded by artist Laura Cina.  Laura’s Style of makeup ranges from the glamorous to the grotesque and “The Blackest Eyes” has the versatility to create looks for classic bridal events as well as dramatic special effects makeup for cosplay and even horror effects for film.  Check out to see some of their incredible work, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram

Our recent collaboration pulled together three models styled with makeup, accessories, and costume by Laura Cina.  We shot photos and video with the SONY a7s Mark II and a 35 Millimeter fixed lens, a mixture of LED light panels and some grass-roots, clamp-lamps with a cool temperature bulb to give us a mix of color-cast on the subjects.  We also shot against a black, muslin backdrop to accentuate the makeup work and costumes.  Along with some pretty basic glamour portraits, we had a great time bringing a “Sailor Mars” cosplay to life.  Follow the Instagram of the model who rocked the Sailor Mars photos here.

To check out the detailed photos below click once for an attachment page, then click the image again for a full-sized download, or see our photo gallery on our Facebook page