Tutorial: Nondestructive Editing in Photoshop for the “Semi”-Beginner

Why the semi-beginner? Because this tutorial series assumes that you understand the basic principles in Photoshop. Such as, layers, basic tools and transparency. Nondestructive editing is a fundamental good practice for any digital creation process. Without properly managing your assets within your Photoshop document, making changes later, correcting mistakes and changing effects and elements youRead More

couple at the pkgo pride parade

Photography: PKGO Poughkeepsie Pride Parade 2019

Pride Gallery: Feel free to use any and all photos for personal use. Follow us on Instagram. If you would like larger-sized images than the photos offered in this gallery, please reach out to us. The images that open from this gallery are in .JPG format and no larger then 1024px wide. We can offerRead More

Video – Hudson Valley Comicon 2019: Fellowship in Fandom. A Mini-Documentary

Hudson Valley Comicon: Fellowship in Fandom. The voices of attendees, vendors and cosplayers. Special thanks to: Micheal Felleman, Amanda Fuller, Nicole Graf, #apocalipscast, #SapphireNovaCosplay, Sapphire Nova, #Superherosunlimited, Kyleigh Rothmond, Thomm Queue, Terrorlynncrafts, Brandon Deichler, #PosableProductions, Dylan Pisani, Floyd T. Holt, Senator Sue Serino, Golden Crandell, Millie Tsukroff, #hudsonvalleyghostbusters, Chris Ham, #DutchessCommunityCollege, Michelle Diano, Holly Mccabe, Ken Pond

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